Toxin Treatment

It is one of the leading methods of getting rid of wrinkles preferred particularly in recent years by men and women displeased with skin deformation caused by progression of age. This non-surgical method, which is applied to remove deep, moderate or fine lines, is an ideal means for people who do not want to receive anesthesia and who are afraid of surgery. It is also utilized to remove crow’s feet lines in eyes over time, lines in neck, frown line, horizontal lines in forehead, lines between two eyebrows or during procedures correcting facial expression such as eyebrow lift. Its effects last for 6-8 months. This procedure can be done applied to anyone, except for pregnant, nursing women and patients with muscle problems. Although it is a very safe method, it may cause slight redness depending on the skin type of the person or slight headache after the application. Also this procedure cannot be performed by anyone and must be applied by physician specialists. The procedure takes about 15 minutes, and the results will become noticeable within 3 days, when the person looks in the mirror. The results can be fully seen within a few weeks. The effects of this procedure will soon disappear so the person may want to repeat the procedure in about 6-8 months.

Treatment using Toxins of Armpit and Hand Sweating

Treatment using toxins of excessive sweating in armpit or hand, caused by a variety of factors, has become a quite common application nowadays. In this procedure, toxins are injected to the regions with active sweating (2-3 mm under the skin). The function of sweating in the body either completely ends with this method or requires repetition after 6-8 months. After the procedure, the person can immediately return to daily life and notice the effects of the treatment within 3-4 days.

Treatment of Migraine with Toxin

Migraine pain, which manifests itself with nausea, vomiting and sensitivity to light, is treated with injection of toxins to the forehead, temples and certain points in the neck and back of neck. Toxin creates temporary muscle paralysis at sites of injection, blocks the release of neurotransmitters that cause pain, preventing pain. The effects of this treatment last for 3-4 months, after which the person can have toxin treatment method again, and it is a particularly effective method in people with chronic migraine pain.