Stem Cell In Gingival Recession

Gums can begin to recede at different ages for a variety of reasons, and receding gums are a major problem that can lead to tooth loss and deterioration of the overall health system in the long term.

There may be many reasons for gum diseases such as improper tooth brushing and genetic factors.

In the gums; fibroblast cells specific to your gums make your gums stand strong.

While the gums are receding, these cells die so the gums are pulled downwards.

To put back the dead cells, the physician collects a 3-4 mm biopsy and sends it to a stem cell laboratory approved by the Ministry of Health. At stem cell laboratories, gum cells are produced for 45 days. Then, they are injected back into your gums 30 days apart. After these are replaced back into your gums, the cells continue to reproduce there and begin to repair your gums again. In this way, your gingival recession can be completely prevented, reversed and slowed down. The success rate of treatment may vary depending on the reason of your gingival recession.