Stem Cell In Aesthetic Surgery

SVF - Stromal Vascular Fraction

It is the name given to multiple and complex stem cell suspension. Mechanical and enzymatic processes are applied to obtain svf stem cells from adipose tissue and, as a result of these processes, multiple stem cell suspension, i.e. ’svf’, which is located inside the adipose tissue, is reached. Svf stem cells contain many different types of cells present in adults. Some of these are: mesenchymal stem cell with the ability to be transformed into different cells, endothelial stem cells, which can treat the vascular system, hematopoietic stem cell, which can be used to treat blood diseases, keratinocytes, which can be used in the treatment of skin surface region, beta stem cell, which can be used in the treatment of diabetic disease, types of fibroblast stem cells that form the connective tissue in the skin. Since Svf stem cell has different types of stem cells, it can be used by IV injection during treatment of many vascular diseases. When deemed necessary, the stem cells in the svf stem cell can be isolated by a specific method, replicated separately and be used in the treatment of many different diseases. It can also be used as a whole without isolation during treatment of the diseases of the autoimmune system such as MS, Parkinson's, Autism, Heart Failure, in the case of which multiple cells are expected to provide treatment collectively. Recently, svf stem cells have begun to be used in esthetic surgery, and these cells can prolong the life of fat fillings applied to face and breast, support recovery of the skin when applied to the upper and lower parts of the skin during treatment of burns and are also known to be used as nutritional and supportive element in hair transplantation procedures.