PRP, which is the abbreviation for administration of “Platelet Rich Plasma" is a skin rejuvenation method that has been preferred in recent years. Approximately 15-20 cc of blood is taken from the patient and centrifuged to obtain the patient's serum. The density of platelets in that serum is much higher than that found in blood. It can be applied to all areas where skin rejuvenation is desired. (Face, cleavage area, neck, arms, etc.)It is injected in small amounts into the skin and the procedure injects platelets into the region that should be repaired, the number of which is much higher than the number of platelets that can be carried with blood circulation, and those platelets repair that region much faster. Therefore, they strengthen the collagen in that region and the bond between cells. With this strengthening structure, the skin becomes more vivid, bright and healthy. Only the tissue isolated from the person is administered so it does not contain any allergens and carry any risk. The procedure takes about 10-15 minutes and an anesthetic cream is applied to the person before the procedure so the person may have minimum pain but it's an easy procedure. The person should have this procedure 3-4 times a month to get the maximum result. A persistent glare, vitality and improvement occur in the skin of those who repeat this procedure every year.