Nasal Filling

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What is nasal filling?

Nasal filling is used to remove cavities in the nasal bone and improve the appearance of the nose and deliver a lifted appearance to nose tip.

Which materials are used for filling?

Hyaluronic acid or the patient's own fat is used for nasal filling.

Is it a painful application?

A nasal filling procedure performed using hyaluronic acid is painless.

If it'll be performed by fat injection, the patient should have liposuction for removal of fat from his/her abdomen or hips.

Filling application is useful when:

Filling procedure is applied for reshaping and delivering a youthful appearance in the case of many types of volume loss in the body.

How is nasal filling performed?

Before nasal filling with hyaluronic acid is applied, an anesthetic cream is applied to the patient; in about 30 minutes, the cream shows its anesthetic effect and filling is applied by injection method.

Before nasal filling by fat injection is performed, liposuction surgery is performed to remove fat from the patient's hips or abdomen. Then, the injection is performed.

If the nasal filling is performed with stem cell-based fat fillers, after adequate amount of fat is removed from the patient's hips or abdomen by liposuction, that fat is sent to a laboratory approved by Ministry of Health. When the stem cells reach the desired number, the doctor performs the injection.

Who should apply nasal filling?

If the nasal filling is performed using hyaluronic acid, it is performed by a plastic surgeon, or a dermatologist or a medical aesthetician.

If it is performed by fat injection, it can only be performed by a plastic surgeon.

Duration of application

The application takes any time between 30 min to 1 hour in hyaluronic acid fillings.

A nasal filling performed by fat injection is an operation and fat should be removed from the patient's hips or abdomen, and that fat should be rendered injectable and injected. Operative time is about 2 hours.

Before the nasal filling with stem cell-based fat fillers is performed, fat is removed from the patient and sent to a laboratory approved by Ministry of Health. When the number of cells reaches the desired number, the injection should be made to the patient. Surgery takes about 2 hours, replication of stem cells take 3-5 weeks, and then they need to be injected with a procedure that lasts about 30 minutes to 1 hour.

Advantages of nasal filling

The biggest advantage of nasal filling is that where rhinoplasty (nose surgery) or tip plasty (nose tip surgery) is not required, this procedure allows reshaping the nose in the desired manner. A more desirable profile can be achieved by filling the cavities in the main bone. Likewise, deformed nasal tip can be corrected to a certain extent and the nose can be given a lifted appearance.

How long does the effect of nasal filling last?

The effects of the nasal filling performed by hyaluronic acid last for 6 months-1 year, of that performed by fat injection last for 2-3 years and of that performed by stem cell-based fat injection for about 5 years.

What are the disadvantages of nose filling?

Nasal filling has no disadvantages.

How is the healing process of nasal filling?

The nasal filling performed by hyaluronic acid does not require recovery period, and the patient resumes normal activities after leaving the doctor's office. If nasal filling is performed by fat injection or stem cell-based fat injection, it'll take 2-3 weeks for the patient to recover from liposuction and swelling and bruising in the nose.

Who cannot have nasal filling?

Patients for whom nasal filling has been contraindicated by a ENT specialist or a dermatologist cannot have this procedure.

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