Nasal Esthetic Surgery


It's a surgery performed to correct problems with the shape of the nose. This surgical procedure, which means aesthetic surgery of the nose, is intended to reshape your nasal dorsum, nasal tip, nasal wings and nostrils in order to create harmony between your nose and your face. As a result of the doctor's examination, the methods that will enable reaching the best result for a patient's facial structure are determined and all nasal problems of the patient in terms of aesthetics and health are resolved. Rhinoplasty operation, which takes about 2-3 hours, can be performed by an open or closed technique. Although local anesthesia is preferred for procedures that last for a short time, general anesthesia is preferred for multiple procedures that are likely to be applied during rhinoplasty. The success rate of rhinoplasty is rather high and you can eat and drink anything as from day 2 after the operation. Tampons placed in the nostrils are removed on day 3 or 4, which helps patient easily breath though their nose. The splint placed on the nose is removed after 1 week. Depending on the nature of your rhinoplasty surgery, you may also be discharged on the day of surgery, but usually a 1-day hospital stay is recommended to the patient. It may take several months for the nose to fully fit after swellings are resolved.


Tipplasty surgery, known as nasal tip aesthetic surgery, is performed with sedation or local anesthesia without any intervention to the patient's nasal bone or hump. If the patient's problem is only the tip of their nose, tipplasty is the right choice. The nose tip problem is resolved during the operation, which takes about 30 minutes. After tipplasty surgery, you'll have no scar in your nose and no pain. The patient is discharged on the day of surgery.


Average Stay 1 week
Duration of Hospital Stay 1 day
Duration of Operation 3-4 hours
Type of Anesthesia Local-General anesthesia
Recovery Time 2 weeks