Nano Fat Grafting

Nanofat injection is a very successful method in order to replace lost volume on face caused by aging. It can be applied to under eye, cheek, forehead, chin and other parts of face. Moreover, it provides a very natural and rejuvenated look.

What is Nanofat Grafting?

Nanofat Grafting, also called “Nano Fat Injection”, is a specific fat transfer method in which adipose tissue removed from a region rich in adipose tissue by microinjection technique is treated using a special method so that it is rendered suitable for application to the respective region.

Fat tissue and components obtained from the process are rich in stem cells. It also has components providing wound healing and tissue regeneration.

Nanofat grafting, which is applied to restore facial contour that has decreased or has been lost with aging or reshape the region, also helps to rejuvenate the skin. This is because the injected nanofat is rich in stem cells.

What is the difference between fat fillers and nanofat injection?

The basic difference between the fat filling performed using fat tissue collected by liposuction method and fat tissue injection collected by nanofat grafting is the fact that the fat to be transferred in nanofat grafting method is first centrifuged under sterile conditions to thin down and refine the fat and passed through an emulsion procedure.

In this way, the fat tissue removed is mechanically isolated into cells to yield nanofat cells rich in stem cells.

The resulting nanofat is not intended for filling. It is rather restorative, i.e. therapeutic. The results are both longer lasting and more natural looking than fat transfer.

Why is nanofat grafting applied?

Nanofat injection is an application that aims to achieve skin rejuvenation, recovery after laser and an appearance with reduced fine lines and gives very effective results particularly in the face and cleavage.

Nanofat grafting in under eye region

Nanofat injection has been one of the most preferred methods in patients with skin darkening, depression and irregularities in under eye region.

Nanofat (super-micro fat) graft is obtained by breaking down and filtering the fat removed from the person so that it can pass through the smallest injectors. With nanofat grafting, some natural substances found in the fat cells, which reduce the skin wrinkles and resolve darkening skin color, are released.

Therefore, it is a particularly preferred method in individuals who primarily require rejuvenation effect and improved skin quality with some volume restored.

Nanofat grafting also gives very successful results in filling areas (eye contour, lips, cheeks, forehead, etc.).

To which regions can nanofat injection be applied?

Nanofat injection can be applied to any skin area that appears to be of reduced skin quality, wrinkled, thinned and damaged and has spots.

Nanofat is a type of fat highly rich in stem cells and its main task is tissue repair and regeneration.

It can be used in all areas where increased skin quality and improvement are required, especially under eye region, face, neck, cleavage and hands.

Nanofat injection can be primarily applied for the following:

  • Dark circles under eyes
  • Fine lines in eye contour
  • Collapsed areas across the face
  • Fine wrinkles around the mouth and on face
  • Fine wrinkles in cleavage
  • Fine wrinkles in the neck
  • Image of collapsed skin caused by liposuction or trauma
  • Wound-induced skin deformation
  • Loss of vitality in hands due to aging

How is nanofat injection performed?

The main principle of the application is to make the fat tissue taken from a fat-rich region of the person using cannulae enriched with stem cells and inject it into the application area.

In nanofat grafting, fat tissue harvested is mechanically separated into cells. It is then filtered to obtain nanofat cells rich in stem cells.

The fat tissue containing a high amount of cytokines, which has been thinned down to the extent that it can pass through cannulae of 0.7 mm by means of special filters, is injected just below the subcutaneous layer of the area requiring treatment in the final stage of the procedure.

What is cytokine?

Cytokine is the name of the substance that releases the growth factor. It enables activation of healing cells at the site of application and rapid treatment of the damaged tissue.

From where fat is harvested for nanofat grafting?

It is possible to harvest fat from anywhere in the body containing the amount of fat needed for harvest. Especially the fat in lower abdomen, around the navel, inside of thighs and knees make up the areas with a high amount of stem cells.

Who can have nanofat grafting?

Any healthy person who has begun to see wrinkles, depression and other signs of aging can have nanofat injection treatment.

Nanofat injection can also be performed to restore a certain amount of volume, efface defects in a region from where fat has been removed previously and improve skin quality.

Some of the ideal candidates for nanofat grafting are:

  • People with fine lines in eye contour and around the nose
  • Those with dark circles and purple areas below their eyes
  • Those with fine wrinkles in the neck and cleavage
  • Those with wrinkles on the forehead and around lips
  • Those with cutaneous or subcutaneous depression due to liposuction or injury
  • Those with acne pits

When do the effects of nanofat grafting become visible?

The effects of nanofat injection become visible within 1-3 months. After the application, 70 to 80% of the transferred fat will survive in the body and the rest will be absorbed.

A waiting period of 3 months is therefore ideal for the final appearance. Within 6 months, skin quality improves visibly.

Recovery after nanofat grafting

After nanofat injection, you can be discharged to home on the same day. But you're advised to rest for 2-3 days at home, after which you can resume work and daily activities.

It is normal to have mild edema and swelling in the respective region within the first week after the application. It usually resolves spontaneously within a few days.

Smoking can adversely affect the success and persistence of nanofat injection as it reduces the oxygen content in the blood. Therefore, it is recommended that people who plan to have nanofat grafting do not smoke.

Frequently asked questions

Is nanofat injection used to treat wrinkles?

Many other treatments, such as fillers, botox, may be preferred to efface wrinkles on the skin. However, nanofat injection provides a longer lasting and natural effect in removal of skin wrinkles.

In particular, it can completely efface fine wrinkles and significantly reduce deep wrinkles.

Is nanofat grafting applied with other procedures?

Nanofat grafting can be applied in combination with all kinds of facial operations, skin peeling, instrumental procedures of skin rejuvenation, filling and botox application.

Does nanofat grafting have any side effects?

Injection of nanofat rich in stem cells, which gives highly satisfactory results, does not have any side effects.

It is an easy-to-apply, extremely reliable aesthetic procedure.

What type of anesthesia is used during nanofat grafting?

Depending on the condition of the patient, nanofat grafting is performed either under local or general anesthesia, in a hospital setting.

Does nanofat grafting have long-lasting effects?

The natural look obtained after the application last for about 3 years.

How long does nanofat grafting take in session?

Nanofat grafting takes only a single session and resolves up to 70% of facial wrinkles.

Additional sessions may be preferred for better results in the region to be treated. The procedure can usually be completed in a single session.

How much does nanofat grafting cost?

The pricing of nanofat grafting is planned entirely in a person-specific manner depending on the quality and quantity of the patient's requests and complaints.

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