Lip Filling

Before and After Lip Filling

What is lip filling?

Lip filling involves the procedure of delivering the desired form and volume to the lips in the case of volume loss, which can be sometimes congenital and sometimes aging-related, and in the case of tissue loss as a result of an accident Patients with structurally thin lips desire to have natural looking full-bodied lips. The desired form is delivered to the lips by injecting fillers into the lips.

Which materials are used for filling?

The material used for filling is hyaluronic acid, which is naturally found in our body and decreases over time. Hyaluronic acid can be used in many areas on your face that have lost volume. Hyaluronic acid, which also gives moisture to the skin, is the first choice for lip fillers since it is not an artificial material.

Is it a painful application?

Before the procedure, an anesthetic cream is applied to the lips of the patient, which will be numbed in a few minutes. As the needles used in the procedure are very fine, the procedure is completed in a painless manner with the expertise of the physician.

Filling application is useful when:

  • Filling applications are commonly used on face and volume losses in the body and on lips which do not have the desired fullness.
  • It is also used to remove the lines that resemble barcodes in the upper lip region called barcode lines.
  • Under-eye light filling is one of the most preferred applications of today.
  • Fillers provide a rejuvenating effect in removing the deepened appearance of wrinkles formed by mimics on the forehead.
  • In the case of aging hands, it is an ideal method for restoring the hands to their youthful condition years ago.

How is lip filling performed?

Before the procedure, an anesthetic cream is applied to the lips; when the cream shows its effect in a few minutes, the patient will feel much less pain. After the physician has decided on the application areas of the lips according to the wishes of the patient, s/he starts the procedure with a fine needle. The procedure takes only a few minutes.

Who should apply lip filling?

Lip filling should be applied by specialists. Lip fillers should be applied by a plastic surgeon, a dermatologist or a medical aesthetician.

Duration of application

The anesthetic cream shows effect within half an hour after application. The lip filling procedure is completed in a minimum of 15 minutes and a maximum of 30 minutes in line with the lip volume and shape the patient desires to have.

Advantages of lip filling

It enables patients to have the lips with desired volume and shape. It also moisturizes the lips so much younger and healthier lips are achieved. It provides self-confidence to patients by solving the problems associated with thin and asymmetrical lips. Lip filling is a method that provides the desired volume on the lips without compromising the health of the patient.

How long does the effect of lip filling last?

Although this varies from person to person, its effects last for about 6 months to 1 year.

Side effects of lip filling

Lip filling has no side effects. The filler used is hyaluronic acid, which is the moisturizing agent of the body, so it has no side effects.

How is the healing process of lip filling?

After lip filling application, the patient may only have mild swelling and rarely bruising due to injection. Generally, after having a lip filling application, patients can resume their normal activities with lips they've desired as soon as they leave the doctor's office.

Who cannot have lip filling?

Lip filler is not applied to patients who are treated for a skin disease in the lip region, patients with herpes or inflammation for any reason on the lip at the time of the procedure.

Do edema and swelling occur after lip filling?

After lip filling application, swelling may rarely occur due to injections and lip structure. With the advice of the physician, swelling subsides rapidly with cold compression and creams applied externally, and the lip reaches the form given by the doctor.

Is lip filling a safe procedure?

A lip filling procedure performed by a specialist using hyaluronic acid product of a reliable brand is a safe procedure.

Is lip filling permanent?

Since lip filling is performed using hyaluronic acid and the amount injected will be completely absorbed by the body over time, it does not last for life. Although its persistence varies from patient to patient, it lasts for an average of 6 months to 1 year.

Do lips look artificial after lip filling?

Lip filling does not result in an artificial appearance, if it is performed by a specialist at the appropriate dose. Although sometimes exaggerated demands of patients result in unnatural looking lips, this is personal preference. A specialist will advise the patient to opt for natural looking lips, and s/he will not diverge from delivering normal appearance to the lips while meeting the patient's expectations.

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