French Lift

Non-surgical face lift, also known as thread lift, has recently become a highly preferred method, which is usually performed under local anesthesia and sometimes by applying a facial anesthetic cream. Using special needles, polyester threads with a silicon coating are placed under the skin by tightening them, hence skin tightening is achieved. The region where the thread holds onto after tightening procedure is above areas inside the scalp. The material used is harmless to human health. This procedures helps to achieve recovery in the face region and resolution of fine wrinkles. No incision is made on the skin; no scarring occurs and the procedure takes 30-45 minutes. Its persistency lasts for 5-10 years and increases if reinforced with PRP treatment.


Average Stay 2 days
Duration of Hospital Stay -
Duration of Operation 1 hour
Type of Anesthesia Local anesthetia-Drug cream
Recovery Time 1 week