Cold Lypolysis

It is a procedure to break down fats in people with weight problems or in people with excess regional fat. It's a non-surgical method that decreases the amount of fat in regions particularly including abdomen, back, inside of legs, hips. It cools unwanted excess fats to at a certain temperature and ensures that they are excreted from the body without damaging other cells. This method, which lasts at least 60 minutes, provides a minimum of 20% success in removal of fat in a single session. The procedure is completely pain free and ache free. It is a very useful method for patients who do not want to have liposuction because it's a non-surgical procedure. The person can return to their daily life after the procedure. Although results are slightly seen after the first application, the best result is seen after 2-4 months. During this process, if the person drinks plenty of water and does sports, the results will become visible much faster.