About Us

About VBB Gentek

Our company was established in 2008 to provide service in the healthcare industry, and since 2013, as VBBGentek Tourism Trade Ltd., the company has been engaged in medical tourism activities to bring patients from abroad to Turkey.

As required by the law enacted for patients coming to Turkey to be under official state warranty, it's an intermediary organization holding an Authorization Certificate for Medical Tourism with Certificate No. AK - 0051 issued by Ministry of Health of Republic of Turkey.
VBB Gentek, which is also a Group A Travel Agency, registered with Turkish Travel Agencies Association (TURSAB) under certificate number 8132, maintains its understanding of quality and trustworthiness with years of experience.

Why VBB Gentek?

Turkey is among the leading countries of Europe in terms of quality of healthcare organizations as well as the number of experienced specialists. However, referral of patients by unqualified intermediaries to unqualified institutions or persons might have adversely affected the image of Turkey in the healthcare industry. Therefore, being a state-approved company with required qualifications, we are aware of our responsibility in the industry.

With its successful and incident-free history and intensive experience VBB Gentek aims to ensure that a patient coming to Turkey is able to receive the best treatment with best possible facilities and returns to his/her country with positive emotions, without any problems.

VBB Gentek Medical Tourism

Steps Of Our Service

From the moment you contact us, your health is entrusted to us under government guarantee. We are ready to offer wide range of quality service in just five steps.

Airport Transfer

From the moment you arrive in Turkey, we welcome you at the airport, and provide transfer services to you with our comfortable vehicles until your departure.

Accommodation Services

We reserve the hotels that will provide you the highest level of comfort according to your budget

Translation Service

Our interpreters who are fluent in English, German, Arabic and French help you to easily carry out all your procedures easily during your journey in Turkey.

Transport Services

Our professional guides and vehicles are at your disposal for you to visit hundreds of historical and touristic places in Turkey.

Postoperative Follow Up

After leaving Turkey, you will not be alone; we will be following you for all your questions and problems.

Our Medical Tourism Certificates

"Authorization Certificate for Medical Tourism" with Certificate No. AK - 0051 issued by Ministry of Health of Republic of Turkey
"Certificate of Group A Travel Agency" with certificate number 8132, registered with TURSAB

Each step of medical tourism activities performed through the organizations having the abovementioned certificates is officially recorded and inspected. All rights of the patient are under state warranty. Since the intermediaries who do not have official certificates cannot be inspected, the patient will be prone to not receiving the services and care s/he deserves.


Since many full-fledged hospitals with state-of-the-art technology and experienced specialists have been contracted to our organization, we are capable of responding to any imaginable health needs.

We are primarily requested to provide services on the following topics: Cosmetic/Plastic Surgery, Skin Rejuvenation with Stem Cells, Joint Treatment with Stem Cells.

The main treatment areas are listed below: